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A Bit About Charles Spurgeon with Jeff Oliver #62

Jeff Oliver sat down with Steve to talk about "The Prince of Preachers" and cigar lover, Charles Spurgeon. ——————————————
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The Jeff Oliver Story #61

Jeff Oliver may have a good radio voice (he's the co-host of "Hope For The Heart") and have a deep love for Charles Spurgeon (he plays Spurgeon before crowds), but he's the first Holy Smokes podcast guest to have come to the community through the public-facing endeavors (this podcast and the Facebook page). Jeff [...]

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The Jung Kim Story #60

Jung Kim (no relation to Yale in the previous episode) was born in Korea and has quite a journey to faith story ... with a radical conversion. The Godfather (Kay Hiramine) told Steve that he NEEDED to interview Jung. He's a staple in the DFW chapter and if you're coming through town, you gotta [...]

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The Yale Kim Story #59

Steve sat down with Dallas-Fort Worth-chapter pillar Yale Kim to talk about his growing up, his teenage rebellion, coming back to faith, meeting his wife, and how he got into the work he's doing now. ——————————————
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The Arnie Adkison Story #58

It was on one of the first virtual Holy Smokes at the beginning of the shelter-at-home order in March 2020 that Steve met Arnie Adkison. It wasn't long before Arnie offered to host Steve on a Dallas-Fort Worth trip ... and he made it memorable (Thanks, Arnie!). Steve sits down with the fundraising expert [...]

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Cigar Mechanic: The Brandon Wells Story #57

In December 2019, Steve was in Corona, CA being interviewed by Tim Long for the Dad's Smoking Cigars podcast, when Tim invited his buddy Brandon to come over. Steve and Brandon hit it off, so he was invited into the Holy Smokes community. At the 2020 Conclave, Brandon had a chance to really get [...]

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The Jon Peterson Story #56

Jon Peterson is a mentor to quite a few leaders in the Holy Smokes community and because his name has come up in numerous episodes, so it was time to introduce him to the community at large. Learn about Jon's spiritual journey and his heart for city transformation. ——————————————
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The Etienne Hardre Story #29

We all know him as one of the two main hosts of Holy Smokes-Colorado Springs, but we wanted to share the depth of who Etienne Hardre was, so Steve Reiter sat down with him in the Hardre's 'Study.' Find out about Etienne's growing up, his years in foster-care, the impact of Holy Smokes, [...]

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The Women Of Holy Smokes: Megan Hardre #13

The Godfather of Holy Smokes, Kay Hiramine calls the women that show up … The Holy Grail and one of the staples of the Colorado Springs gatherings is Megan Hardre. Steve Reiter sits down with Megan to learn more about her story, who she is, AND her deeply personal 3 historical guests for [...]

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