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The Etienne Hardre Story #29

We all know him as one of the two main hosts of Holy Smokes-Colorado Springs, but we wanted to share the depth of who Etienne Hardre was, so Steve Reiter sat down with him in the Hardre's 'Study.' Find out about Etienne's growing up, his years in foster-care, the impact of Holy Smokes, [...]

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The Women Of Holy Smokes: Megan Hardre #13

The Godfather of Holy Smokes, Kay Hiramine calls the women that show up … The Holy Grail and one of the staples of the Colorado Springs gatherings is Megan Hardre. Steve Reiter sits down with Megan to learn more about her story, who she is, AND her deeply personal 3 historical guests for [...]

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The John Gilberts Story #55

In the Phil Frasier episode (#53), Phil mentioned a local hellion in his youth group that came to Christ, John Gilberts. Upon hearing this faith story, Steve KNEW he needed to get John's full story! It's worth the listen! Hear about: How John's dad tried to kill him and his mother The struggles of [...]

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The Eric Dufour Story #54

If you've been to the Castle Rock group, chances are you've met, Eric Dufour. Eric's French accent and warm smiles are unmistakable at Hear about Eric's story: Growing up in France His faith journey His move to Laos (and the miraculous circumstances surrounding it) And his passion for helping couples in ministry You can [...]

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The Phil Frasier Story #53

Steve met Phil Frasier on one of the first "Virtual Holy Smokes" at the very beginning of the pandemic. When Phil shared his story, Steve KNEW he needed to drive up to Rhinelander to interview him the next time he was in Wisconsin. Learn about Phil's faith journey, his 100+ year-old family heating and [...]

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The Jim Fenlason Story #52

Jim Fenlason may be a self-proclaimed cigar novice, but this entrepreneur and ministry COO is a Colorado Springs staple. Hear about Jim's life, the evangelical giants he worked for, his run for Congress in Montana, his love for serving pastors, and so much more! ——————————————
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The Jody Harlow Story #51

Jody Harlow is an Army chaplain ... he's unmistakable with his gravely voice dripping with a Louisiana accent but how many that have met him know his story? Take a listen! ——————————————
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The Joe Gurzi Story #50

WARNING: The sensitive subject of sexual assault & molestation is a part of this interview. There's also an f-bomb. According to host, Steve Reiter, Joe Gurzi is the freaking man! When Steve and Joe got together for a stick in southern California in October 2019, Joe was walking around ... on a broken ankle!! [...]

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The General Kurt Fuller Story #49

General Kurt Fuller is an American hero and a gem in the Colorado community. Steve had the pleasure of meeting up with the General at Lion's Den to talk about his military career, his family, and his search for what's next for him. Don't miss this one!! ——————————————
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